The School 2 School Initiative

The School 2 School Initiative is a program created from an organic response to The Obama Song from a class of grade 3 students at Cornell Junior Public School.

The idea behind the program is that students can teach each other to find their PLACE (Professionalism, Leadership, Accountability, Community, & Equity).

Teachers are encouraged to show the video in class.  There are teaching resources available to accompany the video (ed. still in development!).

The conclusion to the lesson is the construction of letters to students in the W2W crew.  Students can write to the whole group or they can select a person from the video to write to -- their bios and pictures are available on this site. 

We, as a crew, will meet, read and discuss the letters, film a video response with specific reference to your students and post it on YouTube. 

Here is a response from the the teacher at Cornell Junior Public School after screening the video with her class:

"I showed my kids the video message that your students put together...the smiles on their faces were priceless...they were so proud and felt like was so cute.  And, once again an incredible teaching moment.  I brought them into the computer lab to project it on the "big screen"...they wanted to hear it over and over again...the computer teacher ended up spending his whole period with them talking about your Obama video and the enduring understanding behind it.  It was amazing.  Thanks again for taking the time to respond back to my students.  It meant the world to 19 eight year olds :)"

Arrangements can also be made to have crew members visit your school to discuss the process of creative collaboration and teach your students how to collaboratively create their own artistic piece.

Please contact us at if you are interested.