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A response from Barack Obama's brother-in-law...

Konrad Ng, husband of Barack Obama's half-sister Maya and Burlington, Ontario resident, sent us this message...  (thanks to Brian Graham for contacting him on our behalf!)

March 9, 2009
"Hi Brian and Anna,

I'm sorry for my delayed reply - it has been a busy few weeks for me.

Thank you for sharing the Obama Song.  Maya and I watched the work and thought that it showed terrific initiative and talent from your students - great stuff.  We have no plans to see our family in the near future so I suggest that you contact the WH directly about your project. 
Alternatively, you may want to contact the Canadian Embassy in DC and inquire about other ways to communicate with the WH about your work.

Thanks again for sharing the song.
Warm regards and keep up the great work,


Ngozi Paul, executive producer of Da Kink In My Hair

Ngozi Paul, executive producer, writer and lead actor on DA KINK IN MY HAIR, supported the W2W Crew's journey to take their song to Barack Obama.  Listen and watch

Award-winning educators.

Dr. Paul Vermette, Dave Watkins, & Dr. John Myers gave kudos to The Obama Song's educational value.  Listen and watch.

March 8th, 2009 - March 14th, 2009

Way to go Weston. As a teacher international teacher who sees many different peoples reaction around the world as they meet me a Canadian, I could be no prouder..I love Toronto! Way to put us on eth map! You are all amazing artists! God bless.

weston. doing there thing,.yea . i like that. everything is just undescriable. well done.
you set of people are the world best talented in this case. kepp on doing your thang

Well done Weston! You've really enhanced President Obama's message through your thoughtful imagery and beautiful music.
C. Fong
Instructional Leader, ICT & e-Learning
Toronto District School Board

What an incredible project! It shows that youth can get involved in politics - exactly what propelled Mr. Obama to victory. Great job, Weston!

What a wonderful job you did on this make us all very proud!

Miss Price,
I keep seeing it and
it gives me goosebumps
everytime I see it.
It is truly inspiring !
Rocio :)

March 1st, 2009 - March 7th, 2009

Love your video . . . from a U.S. (happy) citizen! Great job, ya'll. (Oh, yeah, I'm from Texas!) So glad Bush is back to fishing and leaving the important business of running this country to very capable - loving - intelligent - mindful hands . . . GOD BLESS OBAMA!!

inspiring and moving...and overall incredibly awesome! you rock, weston!!!

Wow! I stand here humbled before this incredible project! Great job Weston. Keep up the good work!
Chris Higgins
Swansea Public School

Congratulations on an important accomplishment. And thanks for sharing!!
Adam Caplan,
Media Literacy Specialist / Teacher, TDSB

AMAZING!!! INSPIRING!!!! I hope it gets to OBAMA!!!! Everytime I see something like this I KNOW change is coming!!! Keeping doing what you do WESTON!!!
Ms. Subban
George Harvey Collegiate Institute

nice video. i didn't relieze u guys up there in canada were so into Obama. (try not to remember us from the Bush years)

FANTASTIC job Anna and to all of the students at Weston!


Just wanted to let you know how moving and powerful the video was you did with your students.  I showed it to my class and passed it on to everyone on staff.  All of the teachers have been e-mailing telling me what a fantastic idea/ video it was.

Great job!!! The message was well presented.

Wow...great work!!! ...I hope the message gets across to everyone...proud of Weston C.I....I used to go to this school & I'm impressed.

I have some letters that the kids in my class wrote to you about your Obama Song Video...they loved it...all I hear is them humming the's so cute.  There's one letter in particular that brought tears to my eyes...I scanned it and am going to email it to you.
Thanks again for sharing your creation!

Thank You!!! I cannot begin to tell you how touched I am because of this video!  The students are so talented and the message is so...POWERFUL!!! THANK YOU!!!
Em Del Sordo
Westdale Secondary School

A great job Anna. Shows the creativity of your family. Cardinal Newman students and staff are proud of you and your accomplishments. Please visit!
Gerry Graham, Department Head, Religion

I Still Remember We....I First Watched It...&&.....Wen Our Class Was Asked To Be In The Video...Awsome Job

Good Job miss Fargo, as usual!! Real powerful and inspiring....and good job Weston!!!!

Weston Stand Up! LOL
Your work has not gone unnoticed. Continue being an inspiration to Weston <3

Thanks for sharing this video with us. There are some great voices here!
I will pass this along to Stuart [McLean - CBC Radio], who is currently on tour in the
Maritimes. I'm sure he'll enjoy the music and appreciate the positive
And I see you have over 2000 hits now - congratulations.
Best wishes,
Julie Penner
Music Producer
The Vinyl Cafe

Wow – this is freakin' awesome.

I see that it is on YouTube and would definitely push trying to get everyone at that school to send the link to everyone they know, post to every blog they can find, etc. Might even be something worth sending to some local politicians/news stations, etc.

Great video.. it makes it all the more real!
Doris Middleton

Great work, love the song! Awesome!

wonderfull job,,,,big up to my cuz always...

Awesome video Mrs. Price! :D
congrats to all students in Weston 'cause the presentation+video was great!!
Proud to be from Weston.
& Proud that this is Weston's Talent.


February 28th, 2009

To Anna and all others involved with this amazing project - terrific work. The talent, creativity, spirit and passion of Weston CI students and staff is very evident in this video. May your message be heard far and wide - to 1600 Pennsylvania of course, but far beyond as well. As inspiring as the man and historical moment it commemorates.

This video is well structured!
It is Amazing!!! Great Job!

the best thing that's happened this year -- shows that people have hope

Sick Video

Hey Ms.Price,
Great Work! I really love your video
and i am very proud to say
"This is From Weston!!!"
And I love how you used parts from Obama's speech and the singing students, very moving!

just watched the obama song.
so beautiful and touching. and powerful.
and what a lot of work.
natalie and anna are such wonderful, dedicated teachers.

I can't say enough about your video and the efforts that you put forth producing it. Much like your subject, you are able to bring forth emotion and hope. You have a gift. Thanks for sharing it!
...and keep doing it.

February 27, 2009

"this black history assembly brought tears to my eyes, seeing my self and other students who placed tremendous efforts in preparing this video in one day. we did our very best and hope that it will find a place in your heart as we celebrate not only our past but our present, future and our heritage as one ."

"this gave me chills
great video"

"This is powerful and strong and inspiring.... A true hope for the future!!!!"

"Wow that was a great video, well done.  I hope everyone see this video."

" i love it"

February 26, 2009

Ngozi Paul, executive producer, writer and lead actor on DA KINK IN MY HAIR, supported the W2W Crew's journey to take their song to Barack Obama.  Listen and watch!

"Your video is so incredibly moving! You and your students have so much to be proud of! What a wonderful way to inspire!!!""
"Fabulous.... congratulations on a great video.""watching the video just now was the best thing that happened this week.  The kids are amazing.  "

"Deeply touches me everytime :) "

" yeah yeah weston, way to represent. proud to say i'm a WCI Alumni. "

"I will give you, Weston Collegiate a veryyy good congratulation for this Obama Song, cheers from Bilbao, Spain "

"weston is liveee, this video is so sick.. "


"Good Job ms.price [Y]
Lovee you ms.Davey =DD
[my school xD] "

"WESTON. C.I......
-->This was amazing, I was moved by what we did 'GREAT WORK!!!' "

"Beautiful video, and they are canadians!!! "

"I LOVE this. I am so moved."

"This video is amazing see what Weston can do with a little inspiration GREAT WORK! ( thats my school)"

"Awesome "

"Great video. "

"Amazing Video... "

"Weston C.I!
my favourite school. like always we do a good job on what we put our minds too. Luv you guys. xoxo

"What an awesome video."

February 25, 2009

"The girl from 3:17-3:21 is a good singer
So is everyone else =)

"Awesome stuff.  Tell Anna I love it.  Do you think they would mind if I showed it to my Year 6 class as inspiration to do something of our own down the road?  I'm actually baffled by the logistics of putting it together.  I'd love to know how she set it up and planned it with her students."

"Anna, as far as I'm concerned, you and your students have done something that is truly remarkable. You've made his words even more moving, more meaningful than when I when I first heard them at his inauguration. And that's saying a lot, considering  I was blown away by his speech that day. You should all be very proud of what you've done here. It's excellent."

"I haven’t added my comments on YouTube yet because I’m not a member and didn’t have time to sign up from work.  Just wanted to let you know that I think it is a great project; those kids are very lucky to have such a cool teacher…they are probably learning a ton!  Most importantly learning that no one is too small or insignificant to be heard which is a huge life lesson to learn at such a young age.
"that was pretty darn good"

February 24, 2009

-clap clap clap clap clap-"

"Thank you so much for forwarding! It gave me goosebumps & brought tears to my eyes. I will be passing it around to a wide audience here in San Francisco (& across the U.S.) Watch for a jump in "hits" on YouTube!"

"heyy miss
i m 1 of ur students but wont say da name just in case u get mad bout da grammar as u r mi englis teacher

"wow....great work guys! - really powerful video...I hope you don't mind if my band covers this tonight :) "

this is ____'s sister inlaw this is such an awesome video you and your students are very talented. I really hope that Obama will be able to view this"

"I look forward to the days when ___ & ____ make us this proud by doing something for the greater good without any motivation other than what's in their hearts."

"This is a response from my father-in-law, _____.  As you can see, even without knowing you or your family, it's an initiative to make us all proud to be Canadians or as the students put it, "citizens of the world".
      Wha! ____, please extend my    congratulations.  That's a job well done. The creativity and organization skills are second to none I have seen. Congratulations!"

"That was beautiful, truly inspiring. I think it’s funny that every discussion had from the lunchroom table to the CBC regarding Obama has pertained to this idea of change and whether or not he has the power to ‘actually’ facilitate the change the US (and all of north america) is hoping for. But what the masses neglect to realize, is that the change we’ve seen in people as a whole, with this new found sense of unity is how change is going to come about. We put so much faith in one person to make things better, but all we really need is to be inspired to want to do it ourselves. Such is the joy of democracy and it’s thanks to people like your daughter, even our children are opening their eyes to the power they hold to set change in motion.

Bravo. And thanks for sharing this with us."

"Amazing those kids(and eveyone on this planet) is so very lucky to have you leading  the next generation of leaders!!!"

"____ loved your video and forwarded it to good friend in North Carolina . . ___ is sending it to U.S Congressmen he knows for their viewing and interest.

 maybe you will be in the Whitehouse before the year is out."

 "Awesome Video I'll be sure to pass it on to some fellow Americans!!"

"What an amazing job on the video.  This is perfect timing.  ____ and I are in Texas and our good friends from Iowa are here.  They all worked for the Obama campaign.  They will just love your video.

It is teaching like this that your students will remember for a life time.  BRAVO!"

"Great vid! I'm going to forward it to my American buddies as well!"

"I'm in love with your video! The words you say at the beginning are so touching- I can't help but cry when I watch it! Job soooooooo very well done! I've been showing everyone I know just because I think it's great and just in case they are related to someone powerful in this world, haha."   Have you thought of submitting The Obama Song video to The Hour? I have no idea how you go about doing that but it's worth a shot. Getting national exposure is a big foot in the right direction...a direction that may lead you to Washington...perhaps? Just a thought...   Best of luck with this. I'm happy to help any way I can by telling everyone I know about it (including my American relatives ;) haha

"The "Obama Song" video and the Martin Luther King "I Have a Dream" one the school also did that's on YouTube are phenomenal!!! To be perfectly honest, both of them had me balling my eyes out they were so moving."

"Very well done... Obama would be very impressed to hear his words spoken so wonderfully in song!"

February 23, 2009


"Really impressive. Great way to tie in current events with the class, too."

"wooohoo... White House here they come!  It is awesome!"

"I'm so proud of you!! The video gave me the chills."

"the song and video are AMAZING - great work the students must be so proud!!! I know Obama will get to see it!!"

"this s video is amaziing..and truly inspiring!  Thanks for sharing the link."

"well done!!! the students should be so proud!! :-)"

"Just watched your video and wanted to let you know how impressed I am!  I can TOTALLY appreciate just how much work/effort/sleepless nights must have gone into it...I'm sure it was a total labor of love.  I loved the diversity in the video--so many different kids, different ages, ethnic backgrounds, religions etc.  Who knew there was so much young talent at WCI--just amazing!"

"I've forwarded it to some people and posted the link on my wall so that my American friends can see what it feels like to no longer have Canadians (and very talented Canadians at that!) hate our political choices!  Good work!"

"i'm gonna have that song in my head all night"

February 22, 2009

"I saw that you attached the lyrics.  It's so great Anna!  I'm playing it for my grade 3's tomorrow.  I also forwarded it to all the teachers at my school (50 teachers)"

"That was inspiring and I will pass it along with my fullest support.   See you in a few weeks when I get down on practicum."

"I only watched the first 1:30 and had to say something ....  I have to say it looks AMAZING!  I'll be sending this down to all my contacts in the US, and I'll let you know their feedback.  GREAT JOB!"

"The song is amazing! the video is incredible!"

"This is the best song, wait till obama sees it!"

"Wow... I have chills!
What an amazing job!"

"Great job!  I will spread the word.  I'm so proud to say you are my friend."

"The song is awesome!! If that's what you could do with just iMac who knows what you could do with some real equipment ... I think Apple should donate some equipment, let's get a petition going!!

"AWESOME!! I watched it twice!"

"Wow.  That blew my mind.  It actually made me excited for work on Monday, even if I've been burnt out.  I sent it to a billion people by email, posted it as a facebook link, and then make it a part of my status."

"I don't even have the words.  I'm so proud of all you.  Thanks for reminding me of what can happen at our schools.  :)"

"Loves it!!!! Inspiring Toast!!! Keep up the good work!!!"

"I loved that video, I had chills the whole time - VERY well done!"

"The video is pretty special.  Seeing the kids at work is pretty inspiring !"

"Your video will inspire so many of the students at that school and others who watch it.  I think what you did was amazing, congratulations!"

"Amazing!  So great.  Do you mind if I share the link?"

"WELL DONE! I especially like how it slowly goes black and white, then color. Very crispy editing! but I think you should title it: Obama-rama"